Temporary Power


When customers need a way to power their worksite away from their office, they frequently turn to Kerneli Temporary Power for assistance with their temporary power needs. They really enjoy the fact that we hire our staff based on their certifications as electricians rather than testing how push they can be as sales people, which enhances the customer experience. Of course, they are also very pleased to discover that we stock all types of temporary power equipment from boxes to poles in so they never have to worry about delaying their projects due to waiting on a special order. If the only thing that stands between kicking off your project is the rental of temporary power equipment, give our company at call at 800-530-9650 today.

Benefits of Temporary Power

At one time, if you wanted to have a way to run power equipment at your jobsite, you were limited to using generators, which certainly have their uses. However, the temporary power equipment you can rent today makes things substantially easier when it comes to operating power tools in different areas on the site. Unless your project is fairly small, you will find that temporary power is generally a better option than generators.

Why Choose Our Company?

By doing business with our company, you will have the opportunity to browse through the largest selection of temporary power equipment. Another advantage of choosing our company is our competitive pricing, which will also save you a substantial amount of time. We also go above and beyond the call by offering a hassle-free consultation, which means we will assist you in determining what type of equipment you need and what the components’ ratings should be. Customers have also come to enjoy the fact that we hire certified electricians to install the equipment on your site so you will never have to wonder if it is set up correctly.

When you are shopping for a temporary power box or pole rental company, you will find that we make the task extremely simple. From our free consultation to the actual delivery of your temporary power equipment, you will never wonder if you should have shopped around a little longer. If you have questions about temporary power rentals or if you are ready to rent the equipment you need today, give us at Kerneli Temporary Power a call at 800-530-9650.